Thursday, September 15, 2016

Namibia Mission in Review: Bruce Lehnert

Once again, our team hit a home run on many levels with the recent trip to Namibia. We were able to correct deformities in those who are limited in walking and socially stigmatized as a result. But we also worked very closely with the Ministry of Health and the University of Namibia Medical School.

It was a really wonderful rounded experience that took our mission to a new height.

It is amazing that we have so many supporters and sponsors. In particular, United Africa Group helped along every step of our journey, starting with planning, interfacing with the Ministry of Health, and providing logistical services while we were in Namibia. IEP is so lucky to have United Africa Group working with us in Namibia.

Now to start planning the next mission....

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week 2 in Namibia: 14 Surgeries Complete

Drs. Lehnert and Ip confer with a local surgeon.
Our focus in our second week at Katatura Intermediate Hospital was surgeries and post-surgical follow-up with patients. Because of publicity in the first week, a few additional patients also came in for screening. Thankfully, we were able to add several of them to the surgical schedule, especially since most had traveled significant distances to see our team.

Week 2: 14 patients: 8 children, 6 adults

Due to communications mishaps in contacting patients over the weekend, we had only three patients ready for surgery on Tuesday. We re-arranged the schedule and lined up 12 for Wednesday, our last day at the hospital. We didn't want to leave without treating as many patients as possible.