It's hard to explain the sights, sounds, and feelings you encounter as part of a medical mission. We can use our cameras to show what we see, but the pictures are never enough. We can write about our experiences, but words can never convey the whole of it -- the feelings, emotions, realizations, and all the things that happen in our hearts and minds.

All videos from our documentarian Flecher Fleudujon unless otherwise noted.

Getting Ready for Vietnam, 2018 Mission

Healing Hands: IEP in Namibia 2016
by May Yam 

IEP Mission Video: Can Tho, Vietnam (2015)

Dr. Jeff Spanko, A Personal Story (2014)

IEP Mission to Vietnam (2013)

Paul Albright on IEP's 2013 Mission

Wing Ip on Preparing for Her First IEP Mission (2012)

International Extremity Project 2010

International Extremity Project 2009

International Extremity Project Music Video (2009)

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