Day 4: Safe & Sound

We’re all safe and sound in Can Tho. We had a short delay in Taipei and arrived in Saigon a little late. We had a bit of a delay at customs in Saigon. I had left my inventory documents at home in my rush to make it to the airport. Jeff and I had to make a quick list of our inventory in order to get through customers. A bit of a pain, but the only way out.

As planned, Thuy and Diem Duyen had our bus waiting for the trip from Saigon to Can Tho. The hospital also sent two vans to pick up the hospital supplies. We had plenty of room on the bus this year with water, beer, and some snacks too.
The trip into Can Tho went smoothly. The traffic was light and we moved along nicely. We had a bit of a delay waiting for the ferry to cross the river. There must have been six large ferry boats moving across the river, yet the wait to get across was still a long one.

It is Sunday morning. Everyone had a good night’s rest and all are quite comfortable here at the Golf. Everyone showed up for breakfast around 8 a.m. where we had a good chance to visit and have a relaxing meal. Everyone is off in different directions today – watch out Can Tho!

Tomorrow at 7:15 a.m. the hospital will pick us up at the hotel. We’ll meet with the surgery department and then with the director. After the official meetings have finished, the doctors will start patient examinations.

We hear that the hospital has about 40 patients lined up for the doctors to examine on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. We’ll use Tuesday afternoon to set up for the surgeries and begin surgeries Wednesday morning.

Stacy and Amy, our physical therapists, will split up for awhile. Stacy will be working with the medical team at the general hospital and Amy will begin the work at the Children’s hospital.

All seems to be lined up and ready to go. We are all doing just fine!