A Shout-Out for Our Intepreters

The interpreters who assist Mission Peace in our work here in Can Tho have been an obviously indispensable addition to our team.Van Pham Dan Tuyen and Que Phuong are two very dedicated and talented young women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for Mission Peace. These women are in the midst of their examinations and have been running to and fro from school to the hospital and back and studying in between.

Without their assistance, we would be unable to work effectively. Most of all, our patients would not understand the explanations given about their diagnosis, the possible solutions, and--for some--the surgery proposed and its implications.

Many of these patients are told not to walk for 4-6 weeks after surgery while their bones heal. This puts quite a burden on not only the patient but their family, too, who are the ones waiting on their loved one during their convalescence. 

I admire and respect Tuyen and Phuong so much for their hard work.~Tina Ratto, RN