Day 4: News from Poppa Bruce

I was specifically asked to attend and document a soft-tissue clubfoot release today. The patient is a one-year-old girl.

There is probably a complete dictionary of terms that would define the activities in the OR, but I don’t know any of them. And to laymen, the correct terms wouldn’t mean much.

The best description I can give is to say that once the tissue was cut and the foot could be properly realigned, the doctors drilled a hole in the bone and inserted a stainless steel rod as a control. They then sutured the tissue internally and then externally – the end of the rod was left protruding at the heel. The foot is then bandaged and put in a cast.

This little person needs to come back to the hospital in 4 weeks to have the rod and the external sutures removed and be placed in a new cast. She'll need to wear the second cast for the next 4 weeks and have it replaced with a third case.This impediment is finally removed at 12 weeks. I sure you get the idea, it controls the foot's position as it heals.

They did the second surgery immediately after the first – this young girl, 13 years old, needed a malformed toe removed.