Day 8: Weekend Recap from Steve Warren

It’s Monday morning and we are licking our wounds from the weekend. Many of us have been ill from various causes. We have had some illness in the past on our trips, but this weekend has been the worse yet. I was in bed most of the day yesterday, Theresa also had something, and Gurpreet spent the weekend battling the stomach stuff, then Jenni
was hit with it and had to postpone her trip home until this morning. At breakfast this morning Fruma has a cold and can’t go to work at the Children’s Hospital as planned. Fruma also reports that she is not the only one who has the cold. So, we are playing hurt but the game goes on.

The weekend had some bright spots too. On Saturday, Mai Khanh and I attended a wedding party at the hotel. On of the ladies who cleans the rooms was married. She and Mai Khanh have become friends over the past year’s stays at the hotel.

Sunday we were all invited to the wedding reception for the son of Dr. Khoi. Dr Khoi was the director at the hospital the first year we came to work here in Can Tho. He is a very nice man and it was a pleasure for all of us to see him again. The wedding party was huge. I heard something like 1500 people for a sit-down luncheon. There were many toasts to the young couple and a delicious meal was served to all.

Tuyen, one of our interpreters, invited the team to her home for dinner on Sunday. I am not sure how many of us went. I was in bed with the hebeejibees and from what I hear I was not alone. I hate to miss dinner at Tuyen’s home... her mother is a super cook.

Oh, I almost forgot! On Friday night we had a Karoke party for Jenni’s birthday. It was tons o' fun! I am sure that Poppa Bruce will be posting embarrassing pictures for all to see. The doctors should definitely NOT give up their day jobs to become singers. We all found a song or two to sing and all were sufficiently embarrassed. It was great fun. Tina’s birthday was Saturday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA!!!!

Last week's surgeries went very well. The doctors worked mostly on new cases and completed 12 surgeries. The are well ahead of schedule and may run out of patients! I hope the doctors will post here and tell you about some of the surgeries. I haven’t been able to get into the internet from the room for 3 days. I am taking this to an internet cafĂ© to send.

Family and friends, please don’t worry about us, we are all doing well.

We all send along our love to you. See ya soon.