Let's Get Started

The culmination of Mission Peace 2007 began on 29 December 2006 with travelers from New York, Chicago, and California meeting at the San Francisco airport for the trip to Can Tho, Vietnam. In addition, we have a doctor and his wife coming directly from Israel.

This is actually the ending rather than the start of the mission. It has taken the efforts of all, over the past two years, to gather the resources necessary to fund the trip and assemble the supplies required for a surgical environment that in the past has not necessarily been available in Vietnam.

The schedule for Monday (2 January 2007) calls for a trip to Can Tho hospital with the typical meeting and greetings and then the setup to screen patients. The entire team hopes to have the opportunity to examine former patients to check on their progress as well as a method of evaluating the teams diagnostic and surgical skills.

The tools and supplies that we have brought to Vietnam must be assembled into working sets and sterilized for the operating environment. This activity is the joint responsibility of the Mission Peace medical team and the hospital support staff. Supplies must be sorted and stocked so we can handle all planned or emergency requirements in the most efficient way possible.

We are expecting over 50 new patients this year, all of whom must be evaluated over the course of one to two days, at most. Once the surgical load is determined, the next step is setting the schedule to support two operating rooms that will run for the next three to six weekdays (the hospital OR staff is not available on weekends).

The next couple of days, the most hectic and difficult, form the Mission Peace 2007 caseload. We are all looking forward to a positive and beneficial outcome.

The Mission Peace team includes:
  • Drs. Meir Nyska, Bruce Lehnert, Jeff Spanko, and Jonah Mullens
  • Physical Therapists from Chicago: Stacy Bauer and Amy Levin
  • RN organizers/OR support: Tina Ratto, Theresa Pineda, and Jenni Lehnert
  • President Mission Peace: Steve Warren
  • Cinematographer: Flecher Fleudujon
  • The Gophers: Fruma Nyska, Devin Stubblefield, and Poppa Bruce