Getting Ready for My First IEP Trip!

This is my first time participating with the International Extremity Project... and I'm PUMPED!!!  

I heard about this trip from Gurpreet Mukker when I was still a third-year student. Gurpreet went on the last official mission with IEP and was was so enthusiastic about her experience that I really wanted to participate if the opportunity arose. When I found out that Jane (Giang) and I were going, I was beside myself.

Trying to raise money for the trip has proved to be harder than I thought... but I'm still working on it. The Santa Clara Valley Podiatric Medical Society has very generously donated $2000 for Jane's and my expenses. We got pledges for an additional $700 or so in personal donations from others at the society's August kick-off meeting. We're still working on finding a corporate sponsor to help offset Jane's and my travel costs.

I'm looking forward to everything about the experience, from seeing the post-op patients from previous missions and hearing their stories to watching the process unfold with the new patients.

This is such an incredible chance to become involved. I am very grateful for the opportunity! 

Thank you!
Diane Koshimune
R3, DVA Palo Alto Healthcare System