My 2003 Birthday Continues...

This will be my third trip to Can Tho as part of our medical mission team.

I first got involved by volunteering to work with Mission Peace as a way to celebrate my birthday in 2003. I joined just when Jenni Lehnert needed a replacement nurse while she stayed home with a new baby. My job in Can Tho is working in the operating room with the surgeons to ensure safe conditions and efficient use of the facilities.

I love helping the Vietnamese people and have grown very fond of our friends in CanTho! The staff at the hospital and our interpreters have been so helpful in making our team's effort come to fruition.

Stateside, I have been working as the International Extremity Project treasurer receiving donations and paying the bills. Right now, we're on a focused drive to get our flights to and from Vietnam secured, and our accomodations and transportation reserved.

Our interpreter friends in Can Tho are very excited in anticipation of our return and have been e-mailing us with their availability during our time there in November.

~Tina Ratto, RN