A New Photographer & Fix-it Guy

Hello all, my name is Bob Heimer and this will be my first mission to Vietnam with the International Extremity Project.

I don't have a medical background but I do have an ability to fix things with whatever is handy, and I'm good at making people feel comfortable, both of which should be valuable skills for the team.

I feel extremely honored to have been included on the team for this mission. I have been looking for a way to give of my time and to help others, so it shouldn't surprise me that this opportunity fell into my lap.

One of my jobs will be to take lots of photographs of the great patients and the special doctors and nurses who are donating their time to help them walk better. (And it was a great excuse to purchase a camera I have been drooling over for years!) I hope my photographs do the mission justice.



  1. I am anxious to see your photos Mr. Heimer You picked a very worthy cause to participate in.

  2. I hope my photos do the project Justus. the funny thing is that the cause picked me. thanks.

  3. Bob. The Elliotts are proud of You! Good on Ya! God Bless Your entire team Shawn


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