New Faces Joining the Team

I recently met with the two medical residents traveling with us to Vietnam. We spent an hour or so talking about the mission, the travel, the work, and about life for two weeks in Can Tho.

Diane Koshimune and Janine Nguyen are third- and second-year Podiatric medicine and surgery residents at VA Palo Alto. There will be more than enough challenging cases for them to see, learn, and do. 

In the past we've had little time to prepare residents for what was to come and some have faired better than others with the stress, environment, and difficult work. They seem excited and well prepared to join us for this year's trip.

The main team is excited to work with Diane and Janine and to have their valuable support on the trip. 

Janine Nguyen is Vietnamese-American, so her experience on this mission is potentially much more than medical training and charity.

Time is getting short and things are closing in. Yesterday, I met with Teresa Pineda at her uncle's in San Mateo where we have our official storage unit. I brought a garage full of supplies up from San Jose -- by second supply trip of the summer.

We discussed our nascent plans to pack and get everything to the airport. We are finalizing our plans with EVA Air for the flight and transport of our supplies to Vietnam. We are planning a Nov 6th 'packing party' that will double as a final planning meeting since we are departing just one week later.

Things are closing in and between my practice, family life, and our IEP mission I am running on low. I am getting too old for this. Still, we hope it will be the trip of a lifetime. It always is for me.

~Jeff Spanko