Day 6: At the Hospital

Dr. Meir Nyska and a local colleague ready for work
The team's dedication and the love they show to the people here is inspiring for me. I wish every one of you could be here to witness it with us.

It has been so busy here it is hard to find time to write. All of the action has been happening at the big hospital so far. But today, the therapy team will be going to the children's hospital to catch up with the other part of our teem. Stand by for pictures of that. ~Bob Heimer

For more information about the young man in these pictures, see the post "Memorable Case: Ectrodactyly."
This is a face of hope.

On Monday, this will change.

The surgical team hard at work in the operating room.

Local docs teach IEP doc Bruce Lehnert new tricks.

The local team, busy and smiling.

Changing a life