Letter from a Patient's Family

Dear Doctors, Nurses, Donors, and the members of the USA group coming to Cantho Hospital to help operate the numerous clubfoot patients in the Mekong Delta,

Thank you greatly for your kindness to us. In fact, you have given us an unforgettable memory by operating such many clubfoot patients, especially my niece Nguyen Thanh Loan, 36 years old.

You can’t imagine how happy she is after being operated, though now she feels a great pain from surgery, but I think it is normal after such an operation. I can see on her face a great joy thinking she will be able to walk correctly soon. She herself suggested I write to you and thank you for her.

You can also see all the happy faces in this room B512 tonight with the operated clubfoot patients and their families. I am really touched and I share their happiness.

Thank you so much indeed for helping the poor people here. You have returned them the joy to become normal as other people. Those children will be able to go to school as other children. Those adults will be able to find a suitable job and a happy life as others!  

How wonderful you are!  How wonderful God has done great things for us through you!  May you be always blessed.  May God reward you and grant you happiness, success, and all you need for your life. 

As Christmas and the New Year are coming, I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011, to you, to your family and to your Country of USA.

Sincerely yours,
Sister Mary Alexandra