Ten Days 'til Take Off

The International Extremity Project team takes off for Can Tho in ten days. Beyond the packing of gear, organizing travel plans, and generally getting ready for an international journey, what's on their minds about the upcoming mission?

Dr. Bruce Lehnert, DPM and Co-founder
I can't wait to see our patients, the Vietnamese docs and how Can Tho has changed in the last few years.  We have many long hot days ahead but our team always shines under these conditions.
Amy Levin, Speech-Language Pathologist:
1. The professional challenges in working with families and professionals with whom I don’t share a first language, but do share common interests -- improving the developmental outcomes for kids with lots of challenges.
2. Bringing much-needed equipment to hospital clinics and seeing how creatively these resources are deployed.
3. The sights, smells, and tastes of Vietnamese cooking!
4. The chance to see and work with a devoted group of colleagues on the IEP team!
Tina Ratto, MSN:
I cannot wait to see our 2007 and earlier patients!! Also the gracious staff and interpreter family that assist us in our work in Can Tho. And have wondered about the new hospital that they so deserved!
Stacy Lerner, Physical Therapist:
I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends...traveling back to Vietnam...and embracing the adventure ahead of me, knowing that it will be a different experience than I had the prior 2 times.  I cannot wait to meet the families, see the babies and little kiddos that will cross my path and share experiences with the therapists and physicians in Vietnam.