Thursday in Namibia

Dr. Nyska and a local doctor
planning procedures.
Because we aren't able to help everyone who needs surgical attention in the short time we're here, we have had to prioritize patients and procedures.

We are prioritizing helping the children because we can perform life-changing operations that can be the sentinel event of a new life.

Equino cavus deformity pre-surgery.
Repair will require Achilles
tendon lengthening and midfoot
The team started the morning with a meeting of the Orthopedic Department at 07:30, where we reviewed the previous 18 hours of admissions and shared our combined experience.

The first day in the operating room started at 08:30. The team performed seven cases, including a combined total of 13 procedures:
  • 6 Achilles tendon lengthenings
  • 3 midfoot osteotomies (bone cuts used to correct deformity)
  • 2 tendon transfers
  • 1 tibial/fibular fracture repair
  • 1 ankle fracture repair
    Same patient, post surgery.
It was a long day and our team is very satisfied with the outcomes. It is amazing to think that these kids will have their lives transformed because of our deformity corrections. In the end, this is what keeps our enthusiasm high and always looking forward to the next mission.

Thumbs up at the end of a
successful day in the OR.