Travel Tales to Namibia, SFO to FRA

Friday, 6/8/2012

Trying to minimize bags now, United wants $70 per piece.

Sitting on plane waiting for the first leg of our journey. Lots of miles to cover. Plane is packed and incredibly uncomfortable. It will all be worth it when we get there.

Sunday 6/10/2012

10:42a PST: Long flight to Frankfurt but the kids did great! Our flight to Namibia has been delayed two hours, so we are enjoying some airport German sausages.

Arranging lots of last-minute details for IEP's first mission to Africa! Good thing there is a hotspot to connect to the Internet.  We'll be hitting the ground running once we pass through the Namibian frontier.

3:31p PST: Waited four hours and flight was cancelled. Four hours and then back to the counter to get new boarding passes.