Wednesday in Namibia

Failed ankle fusion in need of revision.

We started off Wednesday at 0730 in the Orthopedic Department reviewing the previous day's cases. The Junior Medical Officer presented his on-call cases for critique by the one of the local orthopedic surgeons. We were able to participate as well as they consulted our team on some of the cases.

Equino cavus deformity prevents her
heels from touching the ground.
Next we screened a little more than 40 patients. It was very clear that Dr. Walters and his team knew exactly what type of patients we are looking to help. There was no shortage of post traumatic disorders, congenitial deformities, surgical complications, and other acquired deformities. 

Nearly every patient we screened would benefit from surgical intervention. The ones who did not will benefit from a detailed plan of medication or physiotherapy.

Clubfoot deformity prevents this boy
from walking normally.

We saw seven patients with equino cavus deformities, in which the patient's heel does not touch the ground and they're essentially forced to walk on their toes. The surgical resolution for these patients is to lengthen the Achilles tendon and correct the foot shape with osteotomy-bone cuts.

Also today, Anna Wang from the U.S. Embassy in Nambibia came to welcome us to Namibia and offer her office's assistance.

Neglected clubfoot deformity
in need of correction.

Inversion deformity caused by polio.
Although the Salk vaccine has essentially
removed polio in the United States,
it's still common in many countries.
Another example of equino cavus deformities.

IEP medical team with Namibian doctors and medical students.

Anna Wang, U.S. Embassy Namibia and
Jennifer Lehnert, RN, International Extremity Project


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