Wrapping Up Our First Namibian Mission

Today, we visited and evaluated the patients on whom we'd operated last week in the hospital ward at Katutura Hospital. We found that all the patients are recovering comfortably and without infection. We worked with the local medical teams to finalize the patients' plans for postoperative care.

Our team was quite satisfied with our early-term results as all the deformities we treated have been well-corrected.

Much different than our medical system in the United States, these kids and young adults will stay in the hospital for up to eight weeks while their bones heel. Because the medical expertise and follow-up treatments are not as good in the outlying communities, the Namibian doctors in Windhoek will care for them at Katatura Hospital before they return to their local communities.

The feedback from the local medical community has been very positive. We have had nothing but requests from the Namibian doctors that we return soon. They feel the need is overwhelming, especially in the northern part of the country. The local doctors were also grateful and appreciated the donation of surgical power equipment we brought with us and used during our procedures.