Preparing for Can Tho: Stacy Lerner

I cannot believe this will be my 4th trip with the International Extremity Project! I am so happy to have gotten connected with IEP and really enjoy this adventure each and every time I go. Each trip has been filled with new experiences, old friends, and great collaboration between medical professionals.  

As a pediatric physical therapist, my work with IEP challenges me, but also inspires me. Working with the doctors at the initial stages of the trip in evaluating patients of all ages and diagnoses for possible surgical intervention allows me to provide my point-of-view as a physical therapist to their work as physicians/surgeons. This collaboration has been very positive and productive for a wide variety of patients in the past, as I expect it will be again in 2013!

My other role with IEP is to work at Can Tho Pediatric Hospital, as well as Pediatric Hospital #1 in Ho Chi Minh City, with my great friend and colleague, Amy Levin. We work with the pediatric therapists and patients, doing what I do every day in my 'real job.'

It is my passion and calling to work with infants, toddlers and children with a variety of neurological and developmental impairments. Being able to work internationally with the therapists and physicians in these hospitals is a great honor. I expect this 2013 trip will be energizing, inspiring and special and I so look forward to getting back to Vietnam and working with the good folks of IEP!