Team Member Bio: Dr. Jeff Spanko

Dr. Spanko is a founding member of the International Extremity Project and was a founder of Mission Peace. He first went to Vietnam as a team surgeon for Mission Peace in 1999.

Dr. Spanko has dedicated his career as a Podiatric physician to public health. He was Chief of Podiatry for thirty years at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, California, and has been an attending physician at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System for the last two years. VA Palo Alto has a large teaching program with twelve Podiatric residents and a provides surgical and medical training to medical school externs.

Dr. Spanko's committment to international public health, teaching, and providing charity healthcare is one of the cornerstones of the International Extremity project. This will be Dr. Spanko's eighth medical mission to Can Tho, Vietnam.


  1. From: Sam-Ottawa VM2N []
    Sent: Thursday, 24 September 2015 10:45 PM
    To: Org-Med_Dr Paul Wade Feet for Walking Australia with Variety S Australia ; Org-Med_Dr Andrew Van Essen Prospect Podiatry Feet For Walking Variety Clubfoot Project Australia
    Cc: Org-Med-Char_Robin King Austin CEO VINA Capital Foundation HCMC Vietnam; Org-Med_Char_Margaret Smith Children First Foundation North Melbourne Australia;; LDL_Dr Nguyen Tuong Van Toronto; 'Vol_TinaSwan Thien Nga Nguyen Faifoo Hotel Saigon Vietnam'; 'Nguyen Quyen Giao'
    Subject: Need a consult - Case referral Vo Trung Dung 11 Vinh Long Vietnam - Club Feet RE: Foot-ankle orthotics FAO
    Importance: High

    This is Vo Trung Dung’s feet

    Hi Paul and Andrew,
    Will you be heading for Vietnam soon? And where?
    Need your help to have a look at this referral: boy 11 cannot walk, only crawls; club feet not fixed sooner; poor…
    I know that Vietnam can fix some instances of club feet. Also your specialty. Any advices?
    I guess we would need a scan of the feet?
    A good friend of mine run into this boy last Summer when visiting a school for poor children in Vinh Long, about 94km from HCMC.
    An orthopaedist my friend consulted in Toronto Canada recommended Foot-ankle orthotics. Does this make sense to you?
    Or surgery is needed then orthotics to follow?
    Thank you both so much


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