IEP Featured in Namibian Textbook

The International Extremity Project team was recently contacted by the Namibia Publishing House (Pty) Ltd. for permission to use a photo from IEP's 2012 mission to Namibia in a new children's textbook. 
Namibia Publishing House
We're especially pleased to learn the reason the publishers chose the photo:
"The point is to show learners different health care workers doing their job. We like your photo because it shows men and women of different skin colours doing the same important job. That is encouraging and supports racial and gender equality and gender balance, something we work hard to achieve in our publications." ~ NPH Editor/Publisher 
NPH will include our photo in the Solid Foundations Environmental Studies Grade 1 Learner’s Book, which is written for students around the age of seven.

The photo (top left in the page at right) shows members of the University of Namibia School of Medicine team with IEP's Dr. Benny Kisch (third from left), Dr. Bruce Lehnert (second from right), and Dr. Meir Nyska (far right). IEP traveled to Windhoek from the United States and Israel in 2012 to provide medical care and training.

Namibia Publishing House produces textbooks for government schools from pre-primary to high school level. NPH's goal is to provide quality affordable educational materials for underprivileged kids mainly in rural areas of Namibia. Learn more about NPH on the NPH Edublog.