Preparing for Can Tho: Jenni Lehnert

This will be my seventh medical mission with the International Extremity Project. As the Nursing Director, I am responsible for setting up the nursing team; organizing and running the post-operative and inpatient care; and making sure we are set to hit the ground quickly when we arrive in Can Tho.

This is an exciting trip because we are going to two hospitals, Can Tho University and Can Tho General. It will be a lot more challenging to organize two hospitals, but our team always overcomes our challenges. 

My two sons will also be coming this again this year. The new challenge is that our youngest son is now a type 1 diabetic. So, my Mom is coming along to help manage his insulin and glucose and to be sure he has a great and safe time while in country. 

If you are wondering what you can do to help with this mission, please make a donation to help support the procurement of medical goods. It will go a long way!