Supplies and More Supplies!

We have our supplies from MedShare! Jenni went to MedShare to pick up donated medical supplies that we'll take with us to Vietnam.

The supplies we get from MedShare are surplus from hospitals, distributors, and manufacturers. MedShare collects and then redistributes supplies to medical missions like ours, healthcare facilities in developing regions, and clinics in the United States and other countries.

It's amazing what a difference organizations like MedShare can make to support the success of our mission. These aren't all our supplies by a long shot, but what they provide makes a significant difference. Without their assistance, our expenses for basic supplies -- sutures, blades, dressings, bandages -- would be much higher, making it more difficult for us to help the patients in Can Tho.

Jenni filled the car with supplies and had some charming young gentlemen help her unload the boxes when she got home. When it comes to IEP, the whole Lehnert family gets into the action.