2015 Mission Video: Telling Our Story

It's hard to explain all the sights, sounds, and feelings that you encounter as part of a medical mission. We can use our cameras try to show what we see, but the pictures are never enough. We can write to share our experiences, but our words can never convey the whole of it -- the feelings, emotions, realizations, and all the things that happen in our hearts and minds.

Flecher always manages to bring everything together in the way he tells the story in video. Here's the story of our 2015 mission to Can Tho, Vietnam.

The first time I saw the video, it brought back so many of those feelings of being part of this organization and these trips. I'll admit, I got teary eyed especially about one moment in particular -- one of my favorite of the 2015 trip. I didn't remember Flech being in the operating room when I was interacting with one of the kids. This little guy always had the biggest smile for me whenever I saw him. As they were prepping him, I kept him distracted and amused. It turned out to be a really special moment and it was amazing to see it through Flech's lens.

Thank you for your continued support of IEP! Please share the video to help us tell our story and make a difference.