Next Stop, Namibia!

It's official. We're in the planning stages of our next mission trip: We'll spend two weeks in Namibia in August 2016.

We're assembling the team, arranging flights, and starting all of the preparation work that a mission involves. August sounds like the distant future -- until you dig into the pre-mission task list.

IEP did an exploratory mission to Namibia in 2012 with a small team of four medical staff. The group worked in the capital city of Windhoek to serve patients while assessing the needs and resources available for future missions. In that trip, the IEP team operated on 18 patients, most with complex foot and ankle deformities. Of the 18 patients, 10 required procedures on both feet.

In addition to the medical care, the team provided educational seminars with the Namibia Medical Society and donated power equipment and bone-fixation devices to the Namibian Ministry of Health.

We're looking forward to returning. This time, we'll have a larger team and spend more time in Namibia, allowing us to greatly increase the number of patients we serve.

It's your support that allows us to build upon our previous missions to help more people.