10 Weeks until Vietnam: Henry Duvalsaint

The IEP team is getting ready for our next mission to Vietnam in December. Over the next few weeks, we'll post the impressions and thoughts from different members of the team as they prepare. 

Today's post is from Henry Duvalsaint, our amazing project coordinator who manages to handle all manner of logistics from travel to locating interpreters and coordinating with local businesses and officials. 

IEP is about to embark on another mission to Vietnam. I have been involved with this organization for eight years as the project coordinator.

I am involved in the planning process of each mission along with Drs. Lehnert and Spanko and Jennifer Lehnert. Putting together the right personnel for the mission is extremely important. Making sure that we have the right and enough equipment including medicine for the patients to ensure our mission success. 

The journey to Can Tho is very long and takes about 20 hours total to reach our destination. But after a good night sleep, the team is ready to move into action. During the two weeks that we are in Vietnam, the surgeons will perform 40 to 50 surgeries on children and adults suffering from foot and ankle deformities. 

I am very fortunate to be part of such group. The greatest source of satisfaction I enjoy as part of IEP is really seeing and witnessing how much IEP has changed the life of so many deserving people.