2018 Vietnam Mission Team

A medical mission like ours takes a complement of people to fill the various roles. It's important not only that everyone has specific skills, but that people work well within the team and with the local medical staff. We intentionally keep the group small to minimize costs so that the funds we raise go to patient care. We're together all day, nearly every day for two weeks and -- most importantly -- we're responsible for the medical care of dozens of people.

The work begins long before we ever pack our gear to travel. Henry arranges air and ground travel for the team as well as our hotel accommodations. Meanwhile, Jenni takes the lead in identifying the supplies we'll need, collecting supplies, and identifying the people in each role. (It takes months!) While we're in Vietnam, our days are busy with everyone playing a part -- whether their primary role or doing other tasks as needed to support the medical team. My main role may be managing patient information, but you'll find me hopping down the hall to gather supplies or even supporting the team in the operating room. 

Medical Team


Bruce Lehnert
Jeff Spanko
Meir Nyska
Ezekiel Palmanovich
Wing Ip


Amy Dhillon
Aziz Rasooli

Surgical Technicians

John Robert Duvalsaint
Juan Casarez 
Norma Duvalsaint


Jenni Lehnert
Jessie Hsiao
Madison Pribyl (student)

Support Team


Henry Duvalsaint

Patient Data & Marketing

Kim Austin


Mai Phan
Chau Papatheodoro
Jonathan Vo & Family


Flecher Fleurdujon

Aromatherapy Practioner

Devin Fleurdujon

Family Support

Rob & Shannon Lehnert

Youth Ambassadors
(and other duties as assigned!)

Logan Lehnert
Lexington Lehnert
Lyman Peterson