Countdown to Namibia: John T. Kao, MD

The IEP team is getting ready for our next mission to Namibia in August. Today's post is from Dr. John Kao, who will be joining IEP for his first mission.
As I begin my 25th year in sports orthopedic surgery -- caring for the weekend warrior as well as the professional athlete -- I have thoroughly enjoyed my career in medicine. I have gained great pleasure in helping others get back to athletic competition or their chosen activities. Most importantly, I appreciate the trust that my patients have had in me and my abilities over the many years.  

Still, as my last child sets off to college and my wife and I ready to become empty nesters, I started growing concerned about the routine nature of my practice. So, when Dr. Bruce Lehnert approached me regarding an opportunity to participate with the International Extremity Project, I accepted. Looking forward to this summer, I feel a renewed excitement and energy as I learn more about this great organization and its cause.  

Now, as I prepare to embark on my first medical mission, I look forward to helping others in the fundamental manner that I originally led me to choose a career in medicine over 35 years ago.  I truly appreciate any support that you may have to offer, and I look forward to sharing my great experiences with all of you when I get back!