IEP Countdown to Vietnam: Nicole Copeland

My name is Nicole Copeland and I am a registered nurse. I'm very excited to be going on my second trip to Vietnam with IEP. 

My first trip with IEP was in 2015 and I had a wonderful experience. Everyone on the IEP team is amazing. I really enjoyed working with them in 2015 and look forward to working with them again on this upcoming trip. 

Each person on the team is unique and brings their own special talents and skills. The one thing everyone on the team has in common is we are all passionate about helping others and have joined the team to help improve lives. I know that I will continue to grow during this trip emotionally, professionally, and spiritually as I immerse myself in the culture and work with the patients, the IEP team, and the staff at the hospital in Can Tho.

I'm even more excited for this year's trip because I am bringing my 15-year-old daughter Isabella with me. I am excited to share with her the joy that you feel in your heart from being able to help others and really make a difference in their lives. I feel like this kind of giving is contagious: Once she experiences the incredible feeling you get from helping others, it will make her want to continue to help others throughout her lifetime. I know that this experience will be life-changing for her as it was for me. I am sure she will grow both emotionally and intellectually.