Supporting Children with Developmental Disabilities and Autism

Amy Levin supports the IEP team as a speech and language pathologist. Here's an excerpt from her post about working in clinics with some very special kids and their parents.

"A few years ago, Stacy (our team PT) and I made a connection with a local community pediatrician who had a special interest in autism. During that earlier visit, I went to this pediatrician's home, where she offered autism-related clinics and consultations.

This year, we had the opportunity to collaborate again. For the last two days, Stacy and I worked with this pediatrician to run a developmental clinic; this time, we were based out of the General Hospital (= air-conditioning!). The pediatrician offered appointments to families already on her caseload, in addition to posting an invitation to families who are a part of a developmental disabilities/autism shared chat on Zalo, Vietnam's social platform that combines chatting with facebook-like groups. Families came from a 200 km radius-- long trips for kids with developmental challenges.

Over the course of the two days, I met with 24 kids and their families. Fortunately, Stacy was with me to support families in understanding and addressing their children's physical activity needs and challenges! We both have a lot of experience wrangling kids, and had a great time working together again!"

Read Amy's full post: "Developmental Clinic at Can Tho General Hospital"