Angola Medical Mission: First Patient Screening

IEP's first screening day was a success. Our Angolan partners pre-screened and selected 27 patients, of which we scheduled 23 for surgery. Their clinical expertise in selecting the appropriate patients exceeded our expectations, which streamlined the screening process.

The hospital facilities are first-class and the local team was able to prepare the patients for surgery within 24 hours of screening. So far, this medical mission has been amazing and we can already see we might come back for another mission in the next year or so. 

We begin surgery tomorrow. We plan to complete all 23 cases over the next three days before screening an additional group of patients on Monday. In previous missions, we did all of our screening in one or two days, then scheduled the patients over about two weeks of surgery. We're taking a different approach with this mission, screening a group of patients, then doing a group of surgeries before screening the next group.

From Madison Pribyl, RN


  1. Hello! I am an American priest working in Angola and know a young girl would be likely be a good candidate for a surgery. Is there any chance at this point to have her screened and potentially assisted on this mission? Thank you! Fr Chris Seiler,


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