Angola Medical Mission: Surgery Days 3 to 6

We've reached a productive flow in the operating rooms with the Angolan team over the last three days. We are working very hard to complete as many surgeries as possible during our short time here. There is a great need for our expertise in Angola. In more than 20 years of doing medical missions, our team has never encountered so many patients with compromised limbs in a single mission in more than 20 years. 

We have screened 96 patients over three different days. Of those people, we have operated on 46 patients and surgically corrected 75 extremities. We have mostly completed procedures on children and now have a waiting list of kids for our next mission trip to Angola.

Our nursing teams have bonded, which is the key to a smooth-running operating room. Claudia, the head OR nurse on the Angolan team, has been amazing at coordinating patient care. We have even begun to learn a bit of each other's languages and are using many other ways to communicate — a smile or a thumbs up can go a long way!

Madison Pribyl, RN, and Claudia, head OR nurse on the Angolan team.

As always, Flecher is capturing the absolute BEST moments of the day in photos and on video. We are so blessed to have such a talented photographer as part of our team.

It's tough to be a kid in the hospital. It will all be worth it later, little man.

Post from Madison Pribyl, RN