IEP Presents at Orthopedic Surgical Conference

International Extremity Project surgeons Palmanovich, Nyska, Spanko, and Lehnert.
The IEP surgical team: Ezequiel Palmanovich, Meir Nyska, Jeff Spanko, and Bruce Lehnert.

Our four International Extremity Project surgeons were grateful to have the opportunity to share their knowledge with the local medical community in Luanda, Angola.

Dr. Meir Nyska on stage lecturing on achilles tendon repair.

On Saturday, July 8, Drs. Nyska, Palmanovich, Lehnert, and Spanko presented at the orthopedic surgical conference.
  • Dr. Nyska lectured on acute Achilles tendon tear and repair techniques
  • Dr. Palmanovich shared expertise on clubfoot repair
  • Dr. Lehnert talked about IEP, where we go, and what we do on our missions

It was a great opportunity for our team to meet more orthopedic surgeons from Angola and other countries. We were honored to participate and represent IEP at an international conference where we could share not only medical knowledge, but more about our organization.

Dr. Palmanovich delivered his lecture in Portuguese, the official language of Angola.