Team Member Bio: Jenni Lehnert, RN

Jennifer Lehnert, R.N. has been working with the International Extremity Project since 1999. Previously an obstetrical surgical nurse, Jenni is a key member of the team, handling many roles for IEP. Not only is she on the board of directors, she also:

  • Organizes and administers fundraisers
  • Secures medical supplies
  • Organizes team meetings
  • Manages our program data and documentation
  • Serves as the contact for the IEP nonprofit fiduciary agent
While on mission, Jenni is our lead nurse. She's responsible for the maintenance of surgical supplies, acts as a scrub nurse and circulating nurse, and works with patients in the postoperative areas. Jenni has an amazing ability to put patients at ease and connect with the medical teams everywhere IEP travels. Jenni has participated in missions in Angola, Namibia, and Vietnam.