Countdown to Vietnam 2023: Jenni Lehnert

I really enjoy getting ready for IEP medical missions. It all starts with organizing a team, gathering all their information, administering the moving parts of the trip, and planning the implementation of the entire mission.

Then, the purchasing starts. Medical and surgical supplies like bone saws and instrument sets for surgery. Surgical gloves, dressings, and safety goggles. These are just a few items on a long supply list.

I also arrange and organize the collection of donated supplies like sutures from MAP International and bone graft material from the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation. These two organizations have donated twice this year for our medical mission trips to Angola earlier this year and now for Vietnam in December.

The spare space in my house has become a medical supply storage area. We've acquired the totes to carry our supplies to Vietnam thanks to a special donation from my best friend's mom. (Thanks, Jean!)

Everyone is pulling together to get what we need to make this medical mission a reality. There is still much more to do. But once my house starts filling up with supplies, I know we're well underway to a successful medical mission!