Mission Perspective: My IEP Family

For the first time all week, I've had the time to read the blog posts and look through my photos to reflect on our first week of surgeries and screenings. It's a new year, complemented by the opportunity to provide our patients a new lease on life. 

One feeling and emotion flooded me as I read about our trip from the perspective of my fellow IEP team members: Gratitude. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an important mission. Grateful to everyone here in Vietnam for helping make this happen. Grateful for our incredible team of talented people dedicating their holidays to helping people. Grateful to our patients for trusting us. Despite not speaking the same language as we tell them we can help, they say "yes" and trust that we will improve their lives. 

I am grateful for every patient I have met through IEP because they have changed me for the better. I have learned so much about life, equality, healthcare, love, hope, fear, and trust from every one of them.

RNs Jenni and Madison — vital members of the medical mission team — in front of IEP's hotel in Can Tho, Vietnam.
Jenni and Madison: cousins, nurses, friends, and a vital part of IEP's ongoing success.

I am grateful for my IEP family. And especially for my cousin Jenni, who has taught me volumes about nursing — and about life. Our bond grows with each mission. I am most grateful she invited me to join this IEP family nine years ago. Watching our IEP family grow and change with every mission has been a pleasure. I cannot wait to see what our next mission will bring!

—Madison Pribyl, RN

Sunrise over the Mekong Delta in Can Tho, Vietnam.