Visiting the People of Cần Thơ

Thanh Mai Phan standing by a truck full of food supplies to distribute at the temple in Xã Tân Mỹ.

My heart is full of gratitude. Dr. Lehnert told me about IEP and the missions to Vietnam when I was working with him at a medical clinic in California. That was in 2015 and I've been joining the team since then, helping to translate between families and doctors at the hospital.

A group of people sitting on the ground watching a child sing at a temple in Vietnam.
Everywhere I go in Cần Thơ, I mention the mission of the IEP team. I tell people that we are here to treat foot deformities for Vietnamese children and adults at the Central General Hospital in Cần Thơ.

This year, I visited the temple in Xã Tân Mỹ, Cần Thơ, which is the poorest region in the nation. We distributed rice, instant noodles, cooking oil, and soy sauce to 125 families. Orphaned children stay at the temple. I visited with them and gave them toys, beanie babies, cookies, and candies. Their bright smiles and sparkling innocent eyes make my heart and my belly butterfly.  
IEP volunteer Thanh Mai Phan with a child from the temple at Xã Tân Mỹ, Vietnam.
I mentioned that the IEP team is here and will return every other year if our plans stay the same. Everyone was happy to receive the great news from a faraway corner of the main city.

Deep in my heart, I appreciate what Dr. Lehnert and the IEP team have done for the Vietnamese children here in cần Thơ. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful IEP team. I am thankful that IEP is the bridge for me to reach out and help people far away.

I can't ever express enough my gratitude to Dr. Lehnert and the whole IEP team! May God bless us all. 

 Thanh Mai Phan