Preparing for Our 2003 Trip

We are preparing for our upcoming trip to Viet Nam.

We packed a 20-foot container to the brim with supplies to support our mission. The container is on the way and should be waiting for us when we arrive in Viet Nam.

This trip our Physical Therapy team will be working with handicapped children at Children’s Hospital #1 in Saigon. Our team of Podiatrists will be again working in Can Tho. Joining our team in Can Tho this year is Dr. Meir Nyska from Israel, an orthopedic surgeon who be able to work on knee and hip problems that we may encounter. Dr. Nyska is an important and much-welcomed addition to the Mission Peace Team.

We will be throwing two super parties at the Hoa Mai Orphanages in Vi Thanh and Can Tho. We are planning to show the kids the time of their lives. Annamarie has reworked the pen pal program and we will be linking as many Vietnamese students as possible with students in America.

There is much, much more happening this trip. It will be our best yet.