Days 9 & 10: Update from Steve Warren -- A Record Year!

Tuesday: The Ho Chi Minh revenge is chipping away at us. One-by-one it is knocking us down and keeping us down for at least a day. Poppa Bruce is the latest victim. I understand he was in his room all of today, but is doing better now. Sounds about par for the course with this one.

I hope the bug has had its way with us and moves on to greener pastures. I am not going to mention who has had it and who hasn’t anymore. I don’t want to jinx anybody. I have had my share of it and don’t wish it on anybody else.

On to brighter news! Mai Khanh and I ran into Jeff Spanko on his way home from the hospital today. Jeff reports the Drs. got through 7 surgeries and 10 patients have been discharged already. I think the Drs. are at about 26 surgeries, which is the number we prepared for when we left home. There are still more patients waiting and the Drs. have at least one more day, maybe two to operate. It looks like this will be a record year!

In Jeff’s words, Drs. Tan and Em on this end have really stepped up and taken charge to make the surgeries move along smoothly. Their work prescreening patients made the process much more productive. Jeff says that they gave us some good young surgeons to work with. All-in-all Jeff is very satisfied with the hospital and the surgeries this year.

Tonight Professor Nyska is going to put on a foot and ankle seminar for the doctors. All of the doctors are excited to go. They all look up to Professor Nyska as a talented surgeon and a great mentor. When Meir speaks, everyone shuts up and listens--everyone! The seminar is way over my head so Mai Khanh and I are going to go out to coffee.

More later and big hugs to all from Mai Khanh and Steve.

Wednesday: The doctors took my computer last night to use for a PowerPoint presentation put on by Professor Nyska. The last I saw of them they were looking at an open foot and speaking a foreign language. I left them to their business and went out to coffee with Stacy, Amy, Phuong, and her boyfriend Khanh.

The latest news at breakfast is Flecher is down with the nasty bug that is plaguing us. Poppa Bruce is back on his feet and feeling pretty good. It’s a good thing, as he leaves for home tomorrow. The doctors were off to the hospital for more surgeries. I will try to get some details when they return today. Everyone sends along their love and all is well.