We're Home, Let's Go Back!

Mission Peace 2007 is over, but the results represent significant changes in many lives. The team screened 74 potential patients and did corrective surgery on 31 individuals. In the case of the adult patients, this work will enable them to better function in the changing environment of Vietnam. In the case of the children, this work will remove, to some extent, the stigma of growing up with a deformity.

Although this year's trip is over, the need remains and we therefore must begin our effort to gather the resources for the next mission. These trips are made possible by the contributions from the members of the team but more importantly through the donations of caring people.

Instruments and materials are donated by companies and institutions that have access to or produce the products used during the actual operations and/or supplied to the patients in post-op.

As a way of saying Thank You, we have elected to list the contributors to Mission Peace 2007:

3M Sponsorship/Denise Cole, Elaine Lieberman & Lorne Abramson, Advantis Pharm (Dermix Labs), Karen D. Alden, Katrina L. Archibald, Marianne Bacon, Tom Bardo, Terry Barrett, Stacy L. Bauer, Mary Jane Beck, Carol Schulz, Alice Anne Chandler, Jeng-yeu Chen, Emily Chien, Jim C. & Emily Chien, Ms. Debra G. Colombana, Barbara C. Corzine, Clive B. Davis, John L. De Russy, Henry Duvalsaint

Richard J. Elkus Jr., Gail A. Emerzian, Carolyn Espinosa, Jaclyn Phuong Fabre, Michele M Ferrier, Susan Frey, The Further Foundation, Donald & Dora Gee, Elizabeth B. Gould, M.D., Harvey Greenberg, Gerald & Marita Grudzen, Samuel and Eleanor Gubins, Antoinette Guerland, Alberto & Nora Gurevich, Josephine Guttadauro, Louise H. Hansman, Marilyn Harrison, Janice Knight Hecker, Christine Hikawa, Fred Cheng & Alice Huang, Victor Ibabao, Masazumi & Junko Ishii, Jozef Ruck & Donna S. Ito

Charles T. Izmirian, D.A. Johnson, Steven & Janis Kanter, Flora Shirzad Khosravi, Christine Kikawa, Thanhvan Nguyen Le, Huong Thu Le, Shien-Min Chiou & Pei-Hsien Lee, Bruce & Jenni Lehnert, Amy B. Levin, Phoebe Li, Margaret B. Longley, Magnitude Electronics, Gerald D Marcus, J. Andrew Martin, The Montgomerys, Mary Lou Mott - Cottage Yarns, David & Rinah Mullens, Jonah Mullens, N.T.S. Farms Sciabica

Tuong-Van A. Nguyen, Lien-Houng Nguyen, Novartis, Theresa Pineda, Judith E Pribyl, Tony & Janine A. Pribyl, Shelley M. Quillin, Christine Ratto, Janice T. Raymond, Beckey Reese, Religious of the Sacred Heart-Oakwood, Sr. Joanne Reynolds, S.C. Valley Podiatric Med Soc., Susan Schofield, Carol Schulz, Laura & Bob Sera, Iran Shadidi-Dadras, Kate L Snyder, Jeff Spanko, St. Vincent De Paul Society, Star Hair & Nails

Christopher R. Stolte, Dana Borneo Swanson, Jeanny Luong To, Jennifer Tran, Andre Hung Tran, Kee & Carol Tung, Jeff Van Til - Vantil Medical Inc., Vladimir or Tina Vengrinovich, Vietnam Veterans Of America, Virginia E. Toney, Voyan Technology, Kathy Vu, Noelle Warren, Steve Warren, Mary Weersing, Hal & Carla White, Diana B. Whitecar, Christine Hikawa & David Windreich, Michael Wong, DDS, Christine Wood, Paul & Jessica Wu, Lulie Yracheta

Aircast - casts
Linvatec -power equipment
Synthes -screws
Kendall -dressings and gauze
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation -Bone graft