Preparing for Can Tho: Logan Lehnert

Even the youngest members of the IEP travel team have to prepare for the trip to Vietnam.

For many of members of the team, this will be our first medical mission. For Logan and Lex Lehnert, the sons of Bruce and Jenni Lehnert, it's already their second, having traveled on IEP's first mission to Namibia in June 2012 where they met Namibian First Lady Penehupifo Pohamba.

Logan Lehnert
Logan, in his own words:
I asked Dad if he bought the plane tickets already, and he said yes. I was not happy.  Now I have to get shots. 

I have already been to Africa on a medical mission, which I did not have to get shots before I left.  

If I did not have to get the shots to go to Vietnam then I would be happy to go.

I am sad about the shots, but proud of my parents helping other kids.


  1. Way to go Logano. You will have another great time leaarning more about people of different lands in person, not just from reading about them in school books.

    You are right to be proud of your parents love and compassion.
    Grandma and Grandpa Gareau

  2. Shots only hurt for a little while Logan. You are going to have fun! You will get to eat a lot of interesting things.

  3. Good for you, Logan! You are a lucky kid to have such parents and to be able to go around the world helping people. Enjoy!


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