2015 Can Tho Mission Team

The IEP team is entirely made up of volunteers who share a passion for
making a difference in a significant way.

IEP is a true volunteer organization.
No one is paid for their efforts. We use our vacation time and
 are each responsible for covering the costs of airfare, hotel, and in-country
 travel through donations or our personal funds.

All our supplies are donated or purchased from donations.
Most of what we don't use in patient procedures, we donate to the
hospitals to help provide supplies that are harder to obtain in Vietnam.

Medical Team

Bruce Lehnert, DPM - Medical Director, Co-founder
Jeffrey Spanko, DPM - Surgeon, Co-founder
Jennifer Lehnert, RN - Nursing Director

Meir Nyska, MD - Surgeon
Jean Robert Duvalsaint - Surgical Technician
Anna Moore, DPM - Surgical Resident
Tho Nguyen, DPM - Surgical Resident
Mai Thanh Phan - Medical Assistant

Amy Levin, MA CCC-SLP - Speech Therapy

Stacy Lerner, PT, PCS - Physical Therapy

Support Team

Henry Duvalsaint - Mission Coordinator 
Flecher Fleurdujon - Documentarian
Kim Austin - Marketing and Patient Records
Madison Pribyl - Student Nurse
Melissa Lipari - Medical Student