Medical Mission: Communicating with Patients

Jesse Hsiao, RN shares his thoughts after his first mission with the IEP team. 

It’s difficult to name a most memorable moment since many were new learning opportunities, unforgettable, and inspirational. I particularly enjoyed going on rounds with the residents and translators.

Side note: Our teamwork and communication were impeccable. For those of you who watch basketball, it was like the fluidity of all five players clicking — think the current Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs offense at their best. 

During this time, I did post-operative teaching with patients and their families. What I love about this is that I was able to talk to patients and their families. After surgery, there’s still some anxiety, especially with the duration and process of recovery. In particular, all of them were concerned about managing pain, when they could walk again, and when they could return to their routine or in some cases have a dramatically new life.

Addressing these questions, explaining the plan of care, and laying out expectations helped the patients make sense of something esoteric and alleviated their anxiety and whatever fears they had. Seeing their bright smiles and immense gratitude, I knew I was part of something transformative.

The mission is rewarding and fulfilling, and as Fletcher says, it fills you with a "high knowing that you have done something good."