It's All About the Team

Post from Alice Mark, RN

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
2020 IEP Mission Team at Can Tho Central General Hospital

This amazing team! I am so privileged to be able to witness and be part of it! Everyone was important and brought value to the mission. Of course, the key players were our four surgeons: Drs. Bruce Lehnert, Jeff Spanko, Nyska Meir, and Ezequiel Palmanovich! To witness their magic and to be able to work with them was a dream to me. Meeting and working with the Vietnamese doctors was also amazing.

And Jenni Lehnert. How does she do it? She's amazing! She does it all and brings her amazing family with her.

Everyone gives it their all! Jean and Phil are the Merlins of the operating room. My fellow nurses, Jenni, Nicole, and sweet Maddie are amazing. Our residents, Bobby and Jisun, worked their magic in the operating rooms. We all worked hard and gave our patients our best efforts!

We couldn't do anything without Mai! She was our connection to Vietnam language and culture and took care of everything and everyone! Without Chau and Mai, this mission would be very difficult or impossible.

I witnessed how Jenna, Devin, Mai, Chau, Isabella, and Chiqui calmed our patients in the operating room. They played (and sang!) music, chatted with the patients, held their hands. They were all focused on giving tender care to each patient during their surgeries. This is a level of care that you won't see in most hospitals. 
Bac Si Thuyet surrounded by IEP team members.
Amy and Stacy were incredible for providing hope for patients who were not able to have surgery!

Kim, because of you, we can scribble on the intake form, give it to you then you enter everything for us. This allowed us time to care for our patients. (Editor's note: Thank you! ❤️)

Connor, Noah, Flecher taking photos of patients. Flecher documenting the entire journey! Logan visiting patients in post-op. Of course, sweet Lex!

Alice visiting patients during rounds.
And thank you to Henry--without him managing logistics, negotiating with the hospital, and keeping everyone organized with travel, transportation, and hotels, none of would be possible!

I love my IEP team! I learned so much from you all -- not only clinical stuff but about how to be a better giver in life! I am so lucky. Not everyone who wants to give back can have such an opportunity to do so in such a big way!

It is so amazing when I share and talk about this journey with my family and friends. How many people can say that giving two weeks of their time can positively impact another human being's life forever?