Thinking of Vietnam from Afar

It's hard to believe that it was only four months ago that we returned from our medical mission to Vietnam. So much has happened in the world since then that it seems much further away. Vietnam is part of my heart and I am often thinking of our patients. The patients we treated in December and January should be well on their way into healing. I hope that many are experiencing new opportunities as a result of the amazing work our podiatric and orthopedic surgeons do. 

Flecher has once again captured our most recent mission. I've waited to post this for a while but now seems like a good time to celebrate the privilege to go out in the world and help people in need. Our team is an amazing group of humans with whom I'm honored to work. This video not only tells the story of what we do but how we are able to affect positive change for our patients. Madison is a great narrator of our story and all of the feelings that we experience as part of the mission team.

I am so thankful that it appears the numbers of covid-19 infections in Vietnam are extremely low. Many of our patients live in very close conditions with their families and don't have access to the same levels of medical care or supplies that other areas do. I hope this means that kids can be kids, enjoying the freedom that comes with a lack of fear.

Much love to our colleagues in Vietnam, our patients and their families, and to all who support the International Extremity Project.

~ Kim