Angola Medical Mission: 2023 IEP Team

The International Extremity Project has a team of 13 dedicated volunteers traveling to Angola for the first part of July. The team has set a goal of screening more than 100 patients and performing 50 to 80 surgeries.

Angola 2023 Surgical Team

Our surgeons include Dr. Bruce Lehnert, Dr. Jeff Spanko, Dr. Meir Nyska, and Dr. Ezequiel Palmanovich.

The surgeons have many roles during each medical mission. They spend the first few days screening patients to identify candidates for corrective surgery. Screening involves completing a variety of assessments for each patient. They define the surgical plans or identify alternative treatment options for non-surgical patients.

After screening, the surgeons focus on performing surgery, patient education, and post-operative rounds.

A primary goal of every IEP mission is to educate local surgeons how to perform many of our surgical techniques so that they can care for future patients. On July 8, our team will participate in the Angola National Orthopedic Conference, where Drs. Nyska and Palmanovich will present on their research and techniques.

Angola 2023 Nursing Team

The nursing team includes Jennifer Lehnert, RN and Madison Pribyl, RN.

During screening, our nursing team completes patient documentation, creates a surgery schedule, and organizes medical supplies. During surgeries, they circulate among operating rooms, managing supplies and caring for patients. After procedures, the nursing team manages patient rounds and works with the surgical team to ensure all patients are recovering properly.

Support Team

Supporting team members participate assist with supply management, patient screening, OR circulation, post-op rounds, data management, marketing, and lecture preparation.

Every IEP team member is crucial to ensuring that our medical missions operate smoothly and our patients receive the best possible care.