Team Member Bio: Christine Duong

Hi, I’m Christine Duong! I recently graduated from Scripps College, where I majored in molecular biology. I am on the pre-med track and plan to take a couple gap years before applying to medical school. 

During this time, I hope to learn more about the medical field through hands-on clinical experience. I also plan to devote time to community service. I find it essential to help make a difference in my community and broaden my understanding of social and health issues, both locally and globally.

I’m very excited to not only join the IEP team but also to travel to Vietnam for the first time, as it is my parents’ homeland. It feels meaningful to be a part of this mission as I will be able to experience the culture and people of Vietnam as well as give back to the community through my help with translation between patients and their families and the IEP team. I also hope to learn more about surgical procedures and the fields of orthopedics and podiatry through this experience!

Vietnam 2024