Mission Perspective: Inspiration for the Future

Walking between exam rooms with my father during patient screenings, I can see my aspirations. I've been participating in the screening process long enough to improve my understanding of the deformities and recognize many diagnoses. I am grateful that my father has opened the path for me to become a podiatrist and help people in need around the world. 

The Lehnerts: Logan, Jenni, Lex, and Bruce.
The Lehnerts: Logan, Jenni, Lex, and Bruce

I've been coming to Vietnam since 2012 with IEP. The people here have been wonderful, and Can Tho is as lively as ever. Coming here is always a treat and always feels like home. I am as excited as ever to bring in the New Year with the IEP team and our Vietnamese colleagues!

Lexington Lehnert has joined IEP missions with his parents since 2012. His roles with the team have steadily increased, feeding his aspirations to become a podiatrist.