Mission Perspective: The Difference We Make

My recurring trips to Vietnam with the International Extremity Project have given me a new perspective on what our team does. Participating in our medical missions by helping to screen patients, providing myself as a courier, and assisting in patient intake have been great ways to get first-hand experience with correcting deformities.

However, seeing past patients return to Can Tho to see the IEP doctors again has been an incredible experience. Witnessing the impact of the surgeries years after their completion really helped me to understand the difference we make in the lives of our patients. 

Most people take their ability to walk smoothly and for long distances for granted. Our surgeons provide procedures that allow patients to enjoy everyday life with less difficulty. Going to work, taking care of children, and attending school all become possible post-treatment.

Logan, Jenni, Lex, and Bruce Lehnert

Logan Lehnert has joined his parents on IEP missions for most of his life. His roles with the team have steadily increased, and he is currently in college pursuing a healthcare career.