Saturday, February 23, 2013

Video: Paul Albright on IEP's 2013 Mission

Paul Albright and his daughter Michelle joined International Extremity Project's 2013 mission to Can Tho, Vietnam, discovering first-hand what the IEP team does on a medical mission. As a generous donor to IEP, Albright is a big part of enabling the team to make missions like this happen.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Michelle's "Step in the Right Direction"

Michelle didn't just join the team for the 2013 mission, she started a club called "A Step in the Right Direction," to support the International Extremity Project's work. Read more in the article from her high school newspaper.

(A newspaper much improved since I was a student at the same school in a slightly different decade.)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Experiencing Vietnam with IEP

"She was truly a testament to the notion that strength does not always equate with power, but also can come in a form that seeks to persevere and endure the many pains and sorrows of life." 
Post by Wing Ip, DPM
Wing Ip, in the operating room.
performing a TAL procedure.
When we first arrived at Can Tho General Hospital, it really hit me why I was there. I couldn’t believe there were so many patients waiting outside in the heat to be seen. I can’t imagine this scenario back in the States. However, the patients and their families waited patiently.

It felt like the operating room was a home away from home. Aside from wearing hospital-issue flip-flops, I felt that I was in my element. It’s can be intimidating to work in an unfamiliar environment, but the way our team worked together with the Vietnamese team definitely helped. Soon I felt as though I was working in an operating room back home.

It was gratifying to see that we were able to help our patients, but I was saddened that we could not provide them with the same amount of comfort and assistance that patients in the States receive after surgery. However, it’s heartening that most of the patients have a wide range of social support.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hospital Staff and IEP Team Mission Review

After the last surgery, the hospital staff and IEP team gathered at a ceremony to review the accomplishments during our stay and recognize the efforts of both the hospital staff and IEP team members. Several people spoke to share their perspective on IEP's work at the hospital.

From left to right: Can Tho General Hospital's Dr. Tam with
IEP's Drs. Bruche Lehnert, Meir Nyska, and Jeffrey Spanko.

Dr. Em, Orthopedic Department Director, Can Tho General Hospital
Thank you for sharing your spirit and skill with us. My colleagues and I appreciate your support and cooperation. I hope that our cooperation will continue and become stronger. My one wish to everyone is that may all of you have in the new year have good health, good fortune, and peace. 
Dr. Bruce Lehnert, Medical Director, International Extremity Project